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Living Starts with YOU

Do you live from a place of confidence? 

Do you have access to clarity under stress? 

Do you run from challenges or do they lead you to your creative core where ideas overflow? 

Are you building your life from your values? 

Is joy a daily experience?


Living Starts where you ARE

What are you experiencing? At home? At work? In your relationships? 

Wherever you are – that’s the place you can start. That’s where Living Starts.

Living Starts when you are READY

Which is NOW! 

If you’re reading this website, you are ready – ready to look at yourself and the life you have and ask the tough questions, do the work to clear out old beliefs, old behaviours and ways of reacting to the world around you, and start living from your core, from your deepest values, from confidence and clarity, from your creative centre.

What I am offering

In my coaching workshops you will have access to all the tools that have helped me to let go of the past and enjoy life in the present.

Living Starts After Retirement workshops open now: 

 - on-line coaching with feedback sessions, community of  like-minded individuals, exercises, weekly practice

Watch the webcasts on the facebook page or listen to the podcasts on I-tunes.

One on one coaching - Skype, Zoom, phone, or in-person sessions using the Living Starts with Love method. 

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My dearest wish for you

  • that you may access your highest potential
  • that you may live a life filled with a deep sense of connection
  • that you may experience creativity and joy again
  • that you may find clarity and confidence under stress


"I feel more confident now than ever before. You really helped me get clarity on my next steps in my business." MJ

"I can believe in myself again and face all the challenges that will come up in the future. I know I will bounce back. I didn't have that feeling before." MR

"I feel inspired, as if I have tapped into a deep well of creativity that will never run dry."  EV

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Start living today!

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Living Starts

Merrickville, Ontario CANADA